About Carticel CareĀ®

Carticel Care is a dedicated team that works with you, explaining what is happening at every point throughout your Carticel treatment experience. Your Carticel Care Coordinator is your go to resource for educational, insurance, and scheduling support.

Have a question now? Call a Carticel Care Coordinator at 800-453-6948, Option #2.

Carticel Care Support Services

Educational Support

Your personal Carticel Care Coordinator will help you through the entire process. From your biopsy to your rehabilitation, your experienced coordinator will explain procedures, handle details and address your questions.

  • Education about your knee cartilage injury and the Carticel treatment process
  • Printed and online educational materials
  • Preparation for implantation
  • Rehabilitation information

Insurance Support

Your Carticel Care Coordinator partners directly with your orthopedist’s office and health insurance provider to help facilitate the insurance reimbursement process. Your Coordinator will provide:

  • Explanation of benefits and coverage
  • Coordination and assistance with insurance claim processing
  • Assistance with prior authorization

Scheduling Support

Your Carticel Care Coordinator will work with you, your orthopedist, and Vericel to schedule your implantation surgery.